sexta-feira, 5 de março de 2010

First ...


Today I dreamed of abandonment.
I was in a weird place where people played this weird game with these beautiful women in flight attendant - like uniforms. I know what you might be thinking. It is not it.

So, these women would take people to other places and make them go through the difficult situations of life, as if they were the bringers or incarnations of such situations.
Then one takes me by the hand... she looks very nice, but when we part from the other people the atmosphere changes and she tells me she is abandonment.

Next I am back at my old school taking a math test - not the very best situation for me - and I only need to follow the example at the top of the page to do it well, but my sight is blurred and I cannot see.

Maybe It is a sign that I will feel abandoned and there is a karmic situation brewing on the horizon. But no biggie... there is no reason to cry before it hits, there is no reason to cry while it is hitting and there is no reason to cry afterwards. Just know that anyway I might cry, heheheh

First steps in writing this blog about my life and musical activities. Just got tired of fotolog, just got tired of my other blog. I was not free there as I was supposed to. And I do not have that many photos... so.. dunno...

Poem or song, or whatever

In the wasteland of despondency

There is a land where nothing grows, surrounded by saline waters
Where birds don t chirp and bees don t visit

Silence is muffled by the distant rumble of forgotten storms and a sharp cold breeze, that every once in a while brings specks of dust to your eyes,
That no longer water.

There is a land where nothing grows, surrounded by saline waters
Where weariness oozes from the wounded ground and stillness pervades everything.

The sky, perpetually shrouded in indistinguishable gray, sheds enough light to frame the bleak barrenness around.
But never the horizon.

Will ceases.
Desire cools.
The tongue tastes the salt.
And time looses all its meaning.

A land where nothing grows, surrounded by saline waters.
In it people are buried under the weight of all their years, with the memory of everything they never did pierced across their hearts.

Dark right

Enjoy the night

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